When the Power Goes Out

The winter storm of 2021 had over a third of the United States under ice and snow. Leaving many Americans without power. With no way of staying warm, cook their food or notify anyone they need help, they began to panic. Those who relied on their cell phones to contact family, friends and authorities started to realize how fast batteries drain under extreme circumstances.

Cell service remained in tact, up and running. But if you didn't have a charged phone you were left, literally in the dark. If you were stranded on the highway, you had no way of calling for help. 

Millions of Americans without power, heat and the means of communication. Not only were they cold and scared, but the fear of dying started to to set in, which led to panic. Many would go outside and brave the elements to try to make their way to a neighbor, or find help along the road. 

Fortunately, there are things that will keep our devices charged, and as long as there's cell service we can stay in touch with family, friends, call for help and even help our neighbors if need be.

"I live in Dallas, Texas and we just went through the winter storm... and we were in lockdown for days. A lot of us didn't have electricity or water. Luckily, I gave my family members solar power chargers for Christmas — and I also bought 1 for myself. This saved my life, really, because I was able to communicate with everybody. I'm single... 64 years old. And it was really important that we all stayed in touch. Thank you for making this!"

Pam M. 

Safety Benefits of Ready Power Cells

Communication is key to your survival

Compatible with all Mobile Devices

Simply plug your charging cord into your solar charger, and you'll be up and running. 

Never Run Out of Battery

Because of it's solar panel, you'll never have to worry about your device losing it's charge. 

More Then a Charger

Your solar charger comes equipped with a LED flashlight that can be steady on, SOS signal or strobe mode. 


Ready Power Cells

Ready Power Cells are the best way to ensure your device never runs out of power. By combining the power of the sun with rechargeable batteries, you ensure virtually unlimited power for your devices. 

Why are these essential?

What's it like to be without power, your cell phone is dead, and you're in the dark, with no way to call for help or get in touch with family and friends?

The winter storm of 2021 knocked out most of Texas. JC was left without power for over 40 hours. He had plenty of food and water, but with no power and no means of charging his phone, he couldn't contact his family or authorities to ask for help. He was able to use the power from a solar power charger to charge his phone and call for help. His phone is older, wouldn't hold a charge, so he kept it plugged in to ensure he could receive any incoming calls.

How should you use it?

The best use case for our Ready Power Cells are the obvious, charge your phone and call for help. But when the power is out and you're left in the dark, you can turn on the dual LED flashlight and light your way. You can activate the SOS or strobe feature to notify anyone close by of your location. 

How does it work?

How fast can you expect our Ready Power Cell to charge itself via the sun? With testing both clear and cloudy days, we've found the average to be around 40 hours, this can be cut down to 6 if you use an AC outlet when the power is on. We recommend always keeping your Ready Power Cell in an area that gets lots of sun like a window sill or dashboard. 



Ready Power Cell (2 Pack)
Ready Power Cell (2 Pack)

Ready Power Cells Two Pack

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Solar Charger 4 Pack
Solar Charger 4 Pack
Solar Charger 4 Pack
Solar Charger 4 Pack
Solar Charger 4 Pack
Solar Charger 4 Pack
Solar Charger 4 Pack
Solar Charger 4 Pack
Solar Charger 4 Pack

Ready Power Cells Four Pack

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